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NameAsia・Japan Excellence Entrepreneur Federation
PresidentDato’Sri Raymond Woo
DirectorDatin Sri.Michibata Yasuyo
AddressGround Floor, SPACES Otemachi Building; 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo. Zip: 100-0004



Boost enterprise value with awards; Contribute to revitalizing Asian communities.



Highlight advantages of outstanding Asian enterprises, products, people and services and raise their enterprise value through giving them evaluation and awards. Support their successful business expansion into Asian markets.



ASIA GOLDEN AWARD inspires confidence in the enterprises, making more of them enter Asian market and contributing to revitalizing Asian economy.

【Reasons to recommend the awards】


During the 5 years I served to bridge cultural divide between Asia and Japan, I was surprised by the fact that how much overseas consumers are likely to choose award-winning products or products received recognition from a certain independent organization. Although “Made in Japan” evokes an image of reliable high-quality products, the real good points about Japanese products are yet to remain unclear to overseas consumers. Take cosmetics as an example, “Shiseido” is a household brand; however, consumers may not distinguish between inferior brands. And with that, products awarded by assessment organizations in Asia, Europe, USA and so on are considered worthy products and then imported for sale in their market. Japanese customers are capable of distinguishing products made in Japan to some extent; but when it comes to consumers in Asian market, they may end up choosing a product based on its buyer reviews or awards it has received due to the language barrier. With awareness of the fact, Asia・Japan Excellence Entrepreneur Federation, together with ASIA GOLDEN STAR AWARD were established on June 1st, 2017 for the purpose of supporting business expansion and branding in Asia.


Asia・Japan Excellence Entrepreneur Federation

Profile of President Dato’Sri Raymond Woo

Dato’Sri Raymond Woo was born on July 23rd, 1967, in Ipoh Malaysia.

Obtained permanent residency of Japan at 35.

With 30 years of experience living in Japan, Raymond Woo has acquired deep understanding of Japanese etiquette and culture. He is currently  devoted to cross-culture communication and assist businesses from their countries to get into Asia market.


2000Founded INB Co., Ltd.
2005Chairman of Investment Invitation of DaLian Huayuankou Economic Zone
2009Opened up Jomumakan (Malaysian halal restaurant) in Ginza
Began projects associated with Malaysian government
2012Established Food Channel Japan Co., Ltd to promote Japanese food culture.
Developing food courts in commercial facilities owned by Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEN) including Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries;
2014Honored with Asia's Top 100 Honesty Brand Award
2014Founded EIT INTERNATIONAL HOLDING SDN BHD., and acquired EC B2C(M)SDN.BHD., then assumed the role of Chairman of ETI
2014Representative of ASEAN Retail-chains Franchise Federation
2015Honorary advisor of AEEF (Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation)
2016FEB., CEO of Japan Edo Village in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Engaged in popularization of Japanese food and culture in Malaysia and to win understanding from more Malaysian youngsters
2016JUL., Chairman of Green Agriculture Development Foundation
2016SEP., Representative Ambassador of Worldwide Consumers’ Association (WCA)
2016OCT., Honored with Higashi-Kuninomiya International Culture Award
2016Dec., Honored with Asia’s Top 100 Honesty Brand Award for 2nd time

Communicating with Malaysian Ministers

Malaysian Minister of Tourism and Culture

Vice Malaysian Minister of Science and Technology

Honored with Higashi-Kuninomiya International Culture Award 2016

Published in Malaysia Published Magazine (World Consumer Association)



House of Representatives member:
Mr.Naokazu Takemoto


Asia・Japan Excellence Entrepreneur Federation

Director Datin Sri.Michibata Yasuyo’s Profile

1988Elected princess of Fukui prefecture, involved in PR activities of Fukui prefecture for 3 years
1991TV and Radio announcer
2003Founded Social Manner Inc.
Gave lectures and held seminars on etiquette at companies, hospitals, care institutions and schools.

2010Opened office in Minato ward, Tokyo.
Engaged in branding activities using Facebook.
2012Published "How to make money using Facebook"
2014Started investment invitation facing Malaysian enterprises
2014.9Sep., Honored with "Golden Phoenix Award" Entrepreneur Award by Malaysian AEEF
2014.11Nov., Honored with Higashi-Kuninomiya International Culture Award
2016.2Feb., Opened "Tonya Yokocho" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to introduce Japanese products

2016.9Sep., Appointed as Ambassador of "Golden Phoenix Award" in Japan by AEEF, a Malaysian government recognized association
2017Director of Asia・Japan Excellence Entrepreneur Federation

Honored with Higashi-Kuninomiya International Culture Award in 2014

Honored with Higashi-Kuninomiya International Culture Award on Nov. 3rd, 2014, for introducing Japanese Culture—Etiquette & Manners in Hospitality


Entrepreneur Award

Ambassador of “Golden Phoenix Award” in Japan

Published “How to make money using Facebook”

ranking No.1 in 3 categories on Amazon: internet and web development; computer and IT; business and IT.


DVD: Practice seminar on how to make money using Facebook branding

Honored with International Prestige Brand Award & Top Corporate Leader Awards 2015

Honored with Golden Phoenix Award 2015

(Appeared on 0:11, 2:49)