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Asia・Japan Excellence Entrepreneur Federation




Malaysia-based Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF), with its extensive authority in the region has honored over 5,000 excellent enterprises, entrepreneurs,products and services in the past 6 years; and facilitated implementation of branding strategies of the awarded products in overseas markets. Asia・Japan Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEEFJ) in cooperation with Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF) , have established ASIA GOLDEN STAR AWARD and hold awarding ceremony in Japan to support the outstanding enterprises, entrepreneurs, products and services of Japan to open up gates to the world.

President Message

Purpose of the event


Participated by 18 countries and regions, the award is presented to excellent enterprises, people, products and services that have gained recognition. It is aimed at building higher brand awareness and brand power and to sing praises of the brands’ international successes.

Entry Criteria


Enterprises, products, entrepreneurs, social contribution activities, cultural contribution activities are honored only after strict evaluation taken by experts on marketing and branding business and Research Commission on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise and Small Business.



Non-Japanese enterprises, people and products: Evaluated by AEEF-JAPAN (Asia・Japan Excellence Entrepreneur Federation) and Japan Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise and Business Research.

Enterprises, people and products of Japan: Evaluated by Jury of AEEF (Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation) at its headquarter in Malaysia